Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grandmother's church coat

This wonderful vintage coat we found in my grandmother's closet. She was wearing it for 30 years every Sunday to church and now it's our turn to dust this goodie on a special occasion. Thank you grandmom !

Michal - T-shirt from Kiliwatch Paris, leggings Zara, grandmothers church coat, boots from Jean Paul Gaultier for Dr. Martens

4 komentářů:

Ver said...

omg tie martensy...najlepšiee

Julianna said...

moc dobre!..moc!

Charleston said...

one of the best outfits ive come across in a while. love how you guys push the style boundaries, keep it up, and keep in touch!

tizianova hanula said...

:-O perfektní!

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