Saturday, May 7, 2011

ready to go

The summer time is coming and we needed  a new suitcase for our summer trips. It's not that hard to go to the store and buy one, but we wanted a case with history. This one we found in a small antique shop in Prague.

Michal - vintage trenchcoat
David - H&M trenchcoat , vintage glasses and suitcase

3 komentářů:

suzinqa *girl with the black arm* said...

ten kufor je hodny ublizenia na zdravi

czech foreigner said...

nevím do koho jsem se zamilovala víc...ale dva je lepší než jeden!

Anonymous said...

oh michal david very happy you make a blog :-)

beautiful photo, i like how you are experimenting with different lighting

and so nice suitcase!

i continue to look forward to your progress and updates and wish you the best

<3 bisous from paris

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