Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hot summer days

About a week ago we got a vintage Maison Martin Margiela jacket from mid 90´s. Since then Michal still complains about hot summer days and really can´t wait for very first autumn. Michal is a fall/winter child and David loves sun and it´s hot existence. To remember the autumn Michal changed his hair color to red.


Michal - vintage jacket Maison Martin Margiela, leggings American Apparel, platform shoes Underground Creepers, fox fur Noir Kennedy Paris, white shirt Slovenka, white socks from Chinese 

what also inspired Michal to go redhead:

Bree Van de Kamp

Egon Schiele

Lindsay Lohan :)

2 komentářů:

Angela 'Nahni' said...

So creative.

katarina gyu said...

s tou kozusinkou sme sa mojkali uz obaja :)
mile ! :)

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